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            Understanding candidates

            Understanding your candidates and matching them with the right job is an efficient way to hire the right candidates. The platform offers useful ways for recruiters to receive insights into candidates' professional and personal profiles.

            Invite candidates to share Interests and preference profiles

            Recruiters can invite candidates to share their Interests and preferences profile by checking on the box in front of their name, then select Send Profile Request tab.

            Understanding candidates

            Candidate profile

            Interests/Preferences Profiles are a personal reflection profile for employees to explore their true motivation and strengths.

            Our solution is inspired by RIASEC and MBTI methodologies and combined with our advanced matching software, we can analyze candidate profiles to help the recruiter to understand the candidate's strengths and motivation.

            Interests profile: reflects the candidate’s level of interest for various activities in work, studies, and spare time. How do they experience their level of competence related to their interests.

            Preferences profile: Understand how to effective engage and communicate with a candidate that can help recruiters to better understand candidates' strengths, motivational factors, and development potential.

            Understanding candidates

            The final results of Interests/Preferences will be represented by each letter, which stands for candidates' personality:

            • Interests profile:
              • R= Realistic type
              • I= Investigate type
              • A= Artistic type
              • S= Social type
              • E= Enterprising type
              • C= Conventional type
            • Preference profile:
              • E = Extravert
              • I= Introvert
              • F= Feeling
              • J= Judging
              • N= intuitive
              • P= Perceiving
              • S= Sensing
              • T= Thinking