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            Getting started with bravoTALENT

            Welcome to the bravoTALENT platform!

            In this section, you will learn about the major parts of the bravoTALENT platform and how to set your personal preferences for using the platform to streamline your recruitment processes and finding the right candidates.

            Overview of the application

            Setting up your account

            When logging into your bravoTALENT account, you will start on the bravoTALENT "Jobs" page.

            If you click on your user icon at the upper right corner you can change basic settings I.e., language, edit user profile, password, manage accounts and licenses, modify your company profile, and find information for support.

            Account management

            Manage your active accounts and set personal preferences on each account or streamline your organization.

            License management

            Check the license information of your active bravo applications.

            Company Profile

            Personalize your company profile.

            Overview of the application

            Using the dashboard

            The dashboard is where you will navigate through the basic page functions of the bravoTALENT platform. Click the downward arrow icon next to your company profile picture to show 4 basic Page Functions:

            • Jobs
            • Candidates
            • Templates
            • Calendar

            Overview of the application