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Following up on your job applications might be the most exciting and stressful process, where you patiently wait for recruiters’ feedbacks.

Worry not, we have all been there.

But what if you haven’t heard back from them for weeks? When is the time to move on? Here are a few tips on how to follow up on your job applications and when do you know it’s time to look for another stop.

1. It takes a while for recruiters to go through all the applications

No harsh feelings. Recruiters always want the best fit for the position, and that means, they want to go through all the possible applicants and pick the best seeds.

If it is a popular position, maybe they are still going through all the profiles and CV’s. Give them time, typically at least a week or two before considering for the next step.

2. Reach out to the recruiter

You don’t exactly have to wait to reach out to your future employer.

Enthusiasm lands the job – but be careful, because enthusiasm and desperation are separated by a very thin line. Show your eager, but don’t be pushy.

Emails are usually preferred, but phone calls are fine, just keep them short and informative.

Do not spam their inbox if you do not get a reply, and stick to only 1-3 emails before they reach out to you instead.

3. Call them

This is when you haven’t heard back for weeks. Did they miss my application?

Call your hiring manager and figure out what is wrong. Show them that you care about the position and would be very excited to get the job.

This way, you know what’s going on – whether they are still profiling out their candidates, or the position is already filled.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

Keep applying. Yes, you may have found the job of your dream, but you shouldn’t stop there.

You are in for many surprises. Having a few more offers also help securing your dream position as well, because it shows that you are in demand, and you will be a good fit for the job.

Also, it is easier to move on when something goes wrong.

5. Don’t accept an offer if you are waiting for another

Do you enjoy being offered a position, then getting an email the next day saying, “Sorry we have found a better fit for the job”? None does.

Your reputation affects your career so only go with your final decision. Every company can be a perfect home for you if you are willing to make it work.

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