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This is the place to come whenever you need some ideas, tips and specific knowledge on employee related surveys. bravoSURVEYS blog is regularly updated and brings you value beyond the use of our products.

For your convenience we’ve divided our posts into 4 categories – Analysis and Reporting, Collecting Responses, Online Surveys and Survey Design.

In the Analysis and Reporting section you can find insightful information, statistical data with trends, specific movements and key indicators.

The Collecting Responses articles will help you define your target groups and send the relevant surveys to them in order to get valuable responses in a defined timeline.

Online Surveys present an important product and focus on Employee and Customer Engagement.

When you read the posts in the Survey Design category you will gain knowledge on creating surveys for the right purposes and the right requirements. We aim to give you information on how to make your survey user friendly, build confidence and comply with quality assurance.

What is bravoSURVEYS all about

bravoSURVEYS is a multifunctional, extremely powerful online survey software with dynamic tools. It allows you to design a survey in a way to collect the correct targeted responses in large scales. You will also be able to monitor the survey process, analyse and report the results all in one place. Our software provides invaluable information on different aspects of your organisation with specific data and trends.

Are you an HR officer, member of the executive board, manager or a business owner? bravoSURVEYS survey software is for you. Regardless of the size and nature of your organisation, our powerful tool will make a great difference in the progress of your company, by giving you insights on your staff movements and behaviour, productivity, customer satisfaction and sales volume.

We hope you find our posts helpful to some of the challenges you may be facing in your company. We will be thrilled to read your comments and feedback on our articles. Feel free to give us any suggestions for topics you may be interested in and we will try our best to tailor our content to respond to your needs. We’d love you to visit other pages of our website where you can learn more about us and our products. bravoSURVEYS provides a free demo, so click here if you want a tryout.

Happy reading!

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Øyvind Forsbak
As CTO and co-founder of Orient Software, Øyvind Forsbak oversees all of our organization’s technical matters. Since Orient Software's founding in 2005, Øyvind has guided the company's choices of technology to become a world class developer in .NET and modern JavaScript frameworks.
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